Record all mobile communications, anywhere, anytime

Talk business on the move, on any network, and be confident you’re remaining compliant at all times.

The original mobile capture tool for compliance pioneers.

Capture mobile calls, texts, voicemail and instant messages on any mobile device to ensure complete compliance around the clock. The first solution of its kind to securely record WhatsApp messages, our Mobile Capture apps provide low-cost, global call recording and Instant Message capture to solve today’s and tomorrow’s supervisory black spots.

Seamless user experience.

Ensure all compliance blind spots are covered without impacting the natural user behaviour of your mobile device.

Our unique technology removes barriers to compliance by seamlessly capturing mobile interactions in the background. This enables uninterrupted use of third party applications like WhatsApp and Telegram, including the native phone dialler.

Always on, always compliant.

With single-click installation, your employees’ mobile communications will be captured anytime, anywhere.

Our always on recording solution works with any mobile carrier, supports VoLTE and delivers 99.9% uptime. We also provide alerts that warn you of attempts to delete the application, further enhancing your mobile compliance.

Any network at no extra cost.

Take advantage of our VoxSmart Global Network to allow mobile roaming with no additional fees. We support mobile recording for over 20 countries globally, with more being added to the list every month.

Apple and Google approved.

Our mobile compliance solutions use secure, enterprise grade deployment methods. You can install our apps through the official app stores provided by Apple and Google and we will activate your license remotely.

Discover round-the-clock compliance for the “always-on” business

Native user behaviour

Once installed our solution does not change how you use your phone or other applications.

Global roaming

Available in any country and enhanced with VoLTE and WiFi calling support for those occasions when phone signal is not available.

Any SIM, any handset

Our technology is independent from your network provider and can operate on all popular mobile phone providers.

Quick deployment

Choose to deploy using any EMM, MDM or UEM system to remote users around the globe. Download via Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Apple Business Manager.

Secure and tamperproof

Our app embeds into the operating system of the mobile handset so the end-user cannot switch off or delete the application themselves.

Real-time mobile recording

Never miss a message with our real-time, multi-channel capture.

Proven mobile surveillance for regulated organisations.

Our mobile recording solution is trusted by global banks, brokers and investment firms. Our technology has been designed to meet global regulation by prioritising end-user compliance and connectivity.

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