Extract insight from every client conversation.

Drive better business decisions by unlocking market insights and reports from advanced communication transcription and analysis.

Turn your communications into money making opportunities.

Our market insight tool extracts quotes, transactions, client interest and more from voice and text data to support enterprise profitability, investment research and relationship management.

Make more sense of market movements.

Capture every client offer, negotiation and market movement over any communication channel to uncover revenue generating opportunities.

Our technology uses sector specific natural language processing (NLP) to deliver front office metrics and reports about client relationships, sales and orders, which are extracted in real time from voice and text conversational data for enhanced analysis.

Extract combined insight in real time.

Instantly capture what products are being bought or sold on multiple communication channels to keep your competitive edge.

Calls are transcribed instantly with our live voice dictation capability, which accurately populates trade tickets or market reports, giving you invaluable information about your business in real time.

Better understand client engagements.

Learn from valuable and timely insights into clients and the wider market to improve customer relationships.

Our flexible data feeds can be used by research and business analyst departments to discover if time spent talking to clients is truly driving business or if your market research is competitive.


Flexible model training

A user-friendly training interface for in-house teams to keep NLP models aligned to business needs.

Dictation transcription

Live call transcription or earnings call transcripts for direct ingestion into company CRM platforms.

Live Insights

Reports on metrics and insights are available instantly and easy to configure for sell side or buy side firms.

NLP for capital market insights

NLP technology tailored to capital markets language, with rapid training for other sectors.


NLP detects and highlights market and client insights from voice and chat conversations. This helps sales staff and traders work more effectively and nurture client relationships.

Our clients trust Wall Street’s most advanced NLP technology to help highlight relevant information for better decision making, as well as fuelling automated workflows across their institutions.

Our deep learning models have been trained on terabytes of data to identify, understand and extract inquiries, quotes, trades and market colour, learning more metrics as they are discussed in voice, chat and email conversations between financial market professionals.

We cover a broad range of markets’ asset classes.


  • IG Bonds
  • HY Bonds
  • EM Bonds
  • Bond Spreads
  • CDS


  • Euro / Dollar / Sterling Swaps
  • Currency Swaps
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Swaptions
  • Futures Swaps
  • Agency



    • Options
    • Forwards
    • NDFs Equities
    • Swaps
    • Global Cash Equities
    • Equity Swaps
    • Equity Index Swaps
    • Dividend Swaps
    • Futures Swaps
    • Equity & Index


    • Softs
    • Distillates
    • Energy Options


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