Reconstruct your trades in minutes, not months

Confidently pass regulatory tests by ensuring timely responses and greater governance over any trade reconstruction request.

Automated trade reconstruction at your fingertips.

The only trade reconstruction tool that provides automated linking of trades, orders and communications, combined with flexible tuning and reviews for greater governance and control.

Rework your regulatory reporting.

Ensure compliance with global regulation by having instant access to reconstructed trades that you can export at the click of the button.

Deliver on your MiFID II and Dodd-Frank requirements with rapid reporting across trade and communication data for all types of trade reconstructions including; swaps derivatives, FX, equities, fixed income and more.

Rethink your regulator relationships.

Ensure your interactions with regulatory bodies are smooth and straightforward with trade reconstruction software you can rely on.

Our industry-backed solution delivers trade reconstruction data that is easy to reference and review. Whether you are regulated by the FCA, CFTC, SEC, FED or other bodies enforcing swap dealer trade reconstruction rules, your records will be more complete and credible.

Re-analyse your governance and controls.

Transform your trade reconstruction requirements with a mix of manual and automated controls.

Our technology uses AI algorithms to automatically tag, filter and match trade information with the communication and context. This means you can automate manual and error-prone tasks to focus on proactive analysis and investigation.

The reporting & investigation tool built for Capital Markets

Our solution addresses key data processing and automation challenges for the buy side, sell side and market makers. These key features include:

Multi-leg trades

Reconstruct complex derivatives contracts with ease, connecting every leg of a multi-part trade with the context around it.

RFQ data-ingest

Connect to pre-trade negotiations to build a clearer picture of any financial transaction.

1-click confirmation

With over 80% match accuracy, easily review recommended reconstructions and confirm in a single click.

Reporting and escalation

Create workflows to fit your local or global compliance needs.

Scaled deployment

Phased deployment, starting with one business line or desk and moving to another.

Data consultancy

Our expert team will advise you on how to locate and extract data from your trading business.

Winner of Best Trade Reconstruction Solution 2022!

VoxSmart has been selected by public vote as the winner of the Best Trade Reconstruction Solution in the TradingTech Insight Awards Europe 2022 by the A-Team Group.

Trade Reconstruction is a global requirement for Financial Markets compliance.

Financial institutions are required to store records of all activities relating to a financial transaction and be able to easily retrieve this information. Some regulations request Trade Reconstructions within 72 hours.

You can now automate the information gathering process to comply with global regulation such as: Dodd-Frank and MiFID II.


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