Voice Surveillance

Turn your voice data from a regulatory burden into your competitive advantage.

The market-leading voice surveillance solution for conduct risk management.

Capture, transcribe and analyse conversations and ensure all your recordings are actively monitored in the languages that your employees speak.

Our voice processing is market-leading. We use a mix of intelligent voice technologies to spot the early signs of unusual or unwanted behaviour.

Invest in cutting-edge voice technology

Advanced voice transcription

Greater accuracy and user control from natural language processing and machine learning methods.

AI-assisted monitoring

Use machine learning where it adds most value while you take the important decisions.

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In-alert playback

Jump to the part of the phone call that needs your attention and follow the call as it plays using a machine-generated transcription.

Language switch support

Easily spot the evidence which triggered a surveillance alert and validate if the context is suspicious or not.

Keyword highlighting

View an instant summary of the actions taken by members of the surveillance team when investigating an alert.

Alert reporting

Jump to the part of the phone call that needs your attention and follow the call as it plays using a machine-generated transcription.

Quick WAV conversion

Process audio quicker and save on storage by converting audio into smaller segments.

Mobile surveillance in real time

Achieve surveillance in real time when used alongside VoxSmart Mobile Capture products.

Voice technology that takes you from information to insight.

Our unique approach to voice data.

Our market-leading voice surveillance solution combines advanced voice processing, natural language processing and machine learning methods for greater accuracy and user control. This achieves optimal alerting conditions with very minimal training.

Specialised in financial language.

Our technology has been designed to meet the complex surveillance environments of sell-side and buy-side businesses. We are experts in low-quality audio processing and our financial language models accurately detect financial jargon, trade information and informal slang.

Our approach to eComms analysis:


Choose from out-of-the-box voice connectors. We also offer custom-built connectors for your organisation.

Audio Compression

Our processing techniques provides you with audio quicker, and in smaller file sizes.

Natural Language Processing

Advanced models to identify communication context and content.

Combined Machine Learning

Our unique approach to ML reduces false positive alerts without missing false negatives.

Strong partner network

We have built a strong technology network to deliver superior voice surveillance solutions.

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