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Monitor and analyse calls and e-communications in one platform to capture opportunities, ensure compliance, and gain valuable insights

VoxSmart provides the world’s most agile capture, monitoring and analytics for business communications data.

Capitalise on your communications data from the moment it’s captured to address regulatory requirements, mitigate risk and make better business decisions. Use advanced data management and monitoring, natural language processing and machine learning in one easy-to-use platform that’s tailored to financial markets.

Explore the market’s most comprehensive compliance platform for all your communication surveillance needs.

Streamline your firm’s surveillance, take control of your data

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Mobile Capture

Instant capture and archiving for calls, SMS and instant messaging.

Communications Surveillance

Analyse and investigate employee behaviour in full context.

Trade Reconstruction

Reconcile trading negotiations, customer complaints and more in minutes.

Data Insights

Identify and unlock insights from your conversational data.

Ingest communications data compliantly in real time, from business calls, email and any kind of messaging app, on mobile or desktop devices.
Mitigate conduct risk by deploying regulatory reporting algorithms, adapted to your supervisory priorities, to quickly identify unusual activity and act on it.
Keep your firm safe with an accurate sequence of events. Perform an instant Trade Reconstruction to meet regulatory compliance in the financial sector and other regulated industries.
Identify risks and opportunities from written and voice communications in real time by applying natural language programming (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI).
Answer questions about employee conduct and explain why a transaction took place by piecing together information from multiple data sources.
Streamline costs and operations for buy side and sell side investment banking with timely NLP-driven reports.

RegTech solutions for financial markets built by market practitioners


Our regulatory technology is industry-backed by leaders in finance, surveillance and risk analysis. We pride ourselves in listening to the market’s problems and solving them.

Members of our GMT are seasoned market practitioners with extensive knowledge across the board, from business risk management to compliance and conduct surveillance.

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“We are making tremendous strides in consolidating surveillance technology within financial services and with an ambitious journey ahead, we are determined to deliver on our vision to redefine how financial markets, and all regulated industries, see and learn from their data.”

Oliver Blower – VoxSmart CEO

Addressing key challenges in surveillance and compliance


Our expert team of data scientists and industry professionals make sure we deliver cutting-edge solutions to the market’s most crucial problems.

Surveillance Consolidation

Regulatory Compliance

A.I for Financial Markets

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